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BREAKING NEWS! EPA Approves a Si-Quat Antimicrobial Protectant on SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)

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Creating Safer Environments Than Ever Before

Don’t Just Disinfect-Protect!

Now you can have cleaner and safer environments than ever before. Create a long-lasting, mechanically sanitized environment, without over-exposing your staff and customers to chemicals. With our products, you can treat periodically and resume normal cleaning processes in between treatments. No more sanitizing after every contact in fear of exposure. COVID-19 Protection Services allows you to provide the highest level of safety while also allowing you to offer your services and run your organizations to their fullest capacity.

Protect your company or organization and enjoy a prolonged, worry-free sanitized environment with our comprehensive suite of products. With our family of Si-Quat products including our bacteriostatic surface protectant, wipes, spray and hand sanitizer we have you COVRD.

Protecting Communities, Families and Economies-Creating Safer Environments Than EVER Before.

“As we get deeper into this pandemic it is abundantly clear that the protection provided through this unique treatment has demonstrated safety for residents, staff as well as visitors. The confidence that is attained through this treatment plan allows a reduced stress level for essential workers, satisfaction of regulatory agencies and safety for our most valued commodity, our residents.  We are adding the products offered by COVID-19 Protection Services to our sanitation teams’ arsenal.  This is essential to allow for safe visitation at this time.” Avalon Memory Care Centers

COVID-19 Protection Services is a dba of Voyage Power Partners LLC, an A+ rated Energy Management Company serving the community for over 20 years. To learn more and start saving visit



About Us

COVID-19 Protection Services is committed to helping businesses and organizations resume full operation while protecting the health and safety of the community. We are committed to protecting the most vulnerable and disenfranchised in our communities as well as helping businesses thrive.

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