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Asset Protection Is Our Core Business

COVID-19 Protection Services is a subsidiary of Voyage Power Partners LLC which is an asset protection company specializing in products that protect your equipment and increase the efficiency of your systems. When you couple our energy conservation products with COVID-19 Protection Services, financing options are available based on credit approval.  

COVID-19 Protection Services offers quarterly treatments, with monthly treatment for high touch areas. Pricing is based on square footage and surface area coverage. Financing available for projects ranging from $10,000 up to $1.5 million. Zero down, $29 per month for the first 3 months followed by regular payments for the remainder of the term. Terms up to 60 months.

Voyage Power Partners LLC has been helping businesses increase energy efficiency for over 20 years and is an A+ rated business with the Better Business Bureau. To learn more about our energy management products visit

Our suite of energy conversation products allow you to conservatively reduce your electric bills by one-third.

Transient Voltage Suppression Solutions

Full-facility surge and lightening protection extending the life of your electronics and electrical equipment (20+% savings)

HVAC Solutions

ChecmSonic Catalyst is a synthetic catalyst that helps your HVAC systems run more efficiently. SonicWave Clean Transducers reduce particle and oil fouling and allows the refrigerant to flow without disturbing the desiccant or allowing foreign materials to circulate in the refrigerant past the filter/drier. ChemSonic Catalyst and Sonic Wave Clean are sold in tandem and combined reduce energy costs by +20%.

I admit I was somewhat skeptical to the claims of this product, but time has shown that these units work. We noticed right away that the number of electrical problems in our big A/C unit dropped to nearly non-existent. We were spending around $13,000 a year in controls repair and since the installation of these units, we now only spend an average of $2,500 a year.

— Crossroads Christian Church

After installing the ChemSonic Catalyst we found our equipment efficiency improved by 28% and caused the compressors to run 40 degrees F cooler which can add 20-50% to the life of the compressor. Since the A/C system is running less, all normal maintenance such as changing oil filters, cleaning coils, and other normal wear of components are also reduced.

— York Manufacturing

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